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Hmm, Albe would agree that I’m back to my old self again. I’ve
once again organised another get-together. I’m notoriously known to do
that back at home. I’m not ever spontaneous or impulsive because I like
to plan things in advanced and see them work out w/o turning into messes.
So anyhow, at least a dozen or more of us went to see Spider-man
today and 4 were girls (dorothy, alice, me, and cynthia). Afterwards,
we hung out w Matt Orr and Andrew Fung at Nickels. GROSS. I refuse to
eat there again. Not only is the selection few and over-priced but my
piece of cake tasted like saran-wrap. You know, how a piece of something
is wrapped with saran-wrap and stuffed in a fridge for a VERY long time…well,
that’s what it tasted like and it costed me $5.70. ={

I believe that I am comin’ down w the flu. Urges to cough and
body is sore (aches) all over–everywhere–not only the shoulders…Hmm
seems to have gone off topic. Was gonna talk about Spidey. Not a bad
movie. Enjoyed the visually pleasing graphics/computer generated effects.
No, I don’t mean the guy or the girl as visually pleasing…I meant
the technical aspect of it.

On movies. Saw Amélie on my HD the other day. Was an interesting movie
in the sense that it seemed to be a low-budget, Ally McBealish film
and very very artsy. Not really my type of film. And no, in case you
were wondering my nickname isn’t a spin-off from that movie. Some CCFers
(now graduated) gave it to me way back in my first year.

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