101.4 F.

wish that I was always this warm, without this discomfort. So I
went to bed before 12 AM on Sunday night feeling that I was coming
down w something in my throat. Throughout the night, I experienced
chills. I figured that I had a fever so at 6:30 AM or so, plopped
myself outta bed, feeling very horribly and took my own temperature.
To my dismay, I had no tynenol when the thermometer registered 101.4
F (38.6 C). I immediately went online and told everyone my woes
(see, dat’s how addicted to the ‘net I am, even when I’m sick :(
–actually, I was trying to see if anyone lived close to me had
tynenol at hand). The only 2 ppl that were on at that hour asked
me if I was up really early or up really late. For the first time
in my life, I said up really early. One even offered to bring some
Neo Citron to me but I remembered that my housemate had some so
I snuck out and scrummaged for a package, and realised that she
had one more tynenol cold pill left, which contains the ingredient
that I wanted to dissipate my fever–acetaminophen! :) In my daze,
I had ICQed Bonnie and Pastor Tim. Bonnie b/c I wanted to let her
know that I wanted to change our group meeting time for our presentation
that very same day =(, and Pastor Tim, well, he seems to know what
to do in all situations :).

So everyone was really kind to me the entire day! Vonne and Bonnie
both cooked me some “jook” (congee), Sowel offered to do the dishes,
and PT brought me some tynenol and juice. Oh, and today Auntie Sandy
(Kat’s mom) sent me some soup (“sai yerng choi”) and flat noodles.
Yum. Tomolo I get more jook. Hahah, hopefully I won’t get sick of
jook. But it’s good for me :). My miserable day spent mostly in
bed was less miserable because of them. Thanks! :) Shame that I
wasted my day in bed–I have no time to be sick! I have 2 essays
to write, and 2 major exams to study for, then 3 more exams after
that. Sigh. But I learnt something else, I take back what I said
in my june entry about my friends in
Waterloo and fevers. I guess times have changed for the better (or
prolly b/c I wasn’t really ever sick with ppl knowing) ! :)

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