a rather quick 5 min sketch of the place, but the units are similar
to what I see from my window. Theirs would be similiar to the left-most
one. So there’s 4 units to one building.

the move, I’ve been pretty much bored. Since going to the library I
finished 3 H.P books already, and The Poisonwood Bible. Now that
i’ve read the books, I think the movie is more interesting to watch,
tho a tad bit long. Back when HP was overly-hyped, there was a controversy
(and still is, though not as much) about the very nature of the books
in the Christian circle. I see the bad (highly influential w theme/nature
of books), and I see the good (friendships, good vs evil) in the books.
But if JK Rowling gets much criticism for what she writes, why didn’t
other children’s lit authors such as RL Stine (eg. Goosebumps),
Christopher Pike, Bruce Coville (eg. Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher)
, Ruth Chew (eg. Second-hand Magic), and even Roald Dahl, get
equally criticised? Even Dahl’s Matilda was made into a movie
and she had special powers. These (cept Pike and Stine–that was more
high school) were some my favourite children authors. Any books that
had to do with ghosts and the supernatural, mystery, and suspense I’d
be captivated. I didn’t see anyone warning me about the dangerous powers.
However, I see a point in warning a child with a wild imagination, such
as mine, to be careful about what one reads as books influence ones
thinking quite easily as well and to keep an open eye before reading
and discussing with a parent or somethng after is prolly always better.
Related thought: CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia also has
good and bad witches within Narnia–keeping in mind that his books are
of Christian allegory, how much difference does that make?

Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible, I figured out why
SilQ doesn’t like and why it’s an Oprah book choice. I read Paradise
by Toni Morrison for Women’s Lit one year and that was also
an Oprah pick. I didn’t like it after reading it. Both books are women-oriented–how
the women are oppressed in all sorts of ways (in spirit, emotionally,
etc.) and how each woman manage to escape and change (or not) at the
end. The plot of The Poisionwood Bible moves quite slowly but
by the end of the book, you see how each character develops or remains
the same. Tho’ this book kinda gives a negative impression of missionary
families. The father is somewhat a hypocrite and is more concerned about
preaching the words of the Bible than living his life reflective of
the Bible. I hope there are less missionary fathers like that out there
though the adjusting to a new place for the MKs, etc. seems very realistic.

celebrated Mother’s Day early w the Wong’s @ Brother Wu’s and headed
over to Marc’s place to play a game of Chinese Checkers w him, Keith
and eventually, his dad. However, I was so frustrated at the end b/c
Marcy wouldn’t budge his marble from my property (triangle) so I lost
1st place to him. Another thing, i’m so useta playing with allowance
in jumping over 1 marble if there are equal number of empty holes on
both sides of the marble instead of just a frog leap over…totally
forgot that some ppl here don’t know that one can do that and so they
forbade me! Slows the game down sooo much. Ah wellz :P

11:30 PM FIIIIRE! Oh man, I missed a great view of a burning house today. I’ve never seen a fire up close before but Marc refused to drive near it so that I could see what’s goin’ on but I imagine it’d be all over the news tomorrow since it took at least 30 hr and more than 6 firetrucks to put out. The flames were so high that I could see it outside my window as they reached over the roofs of the new townhouses that blocked my view. Actually, the burning house(s) were only 1 lot down from us. The smoke was somethin’ else. At times it was clear and foggy, but other times, you could see it black against the already black sky. At one point, it occured to me that if the firefighters did not have it under control, we’d soon be next so I decided to pray fer the fighters :)…

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