4 down, 1 to go . . .

according to Brassman,
the ‘Nucks made it to the playoffs. Yay. Hmm. Algebra was okay today
… mucho gracais to DD and Rice for helping me understand matrices
and probability :)! Edit: Thx also to DD for
the eraser, it worked well for my mistakes :) (heeheh, I found another
eraser today as I was cleaning my room, so remind me to give yours
back :P). The guys and I went to Sakura
Island for lunch–$$$ :(. They didn’t have lunch specials on
weekends so a lunchbox came close to $22! Thankfully, Rice split
one w me. If I remember correctly, it was only slightly more expensive
than Seoul Soul but much better tasting last time (but that was
a weekday–the box included Tempura, Sushi (or was that on the side?),
Miso Soup, Garnishes, Salad, and the Meats for approx $12). The
Bulgogi was tasty though, I must admit. But, having gone there a
second time, I don’t think I’d go back for evenings or weekends.
And guys, sorry for the recommendation–didn’t realise it would
be that over-priced! : | –hmm, maybe Mr. Sushi would be a better
choice– I will keep that in mind to try next week when I migrate
to the SLC to study again :).

OH! Vonnekins, Mr. Stats, Marcy, and I might be going to
TO on the 21st before I leave the ‘loo. The 2 girlz are determined
to go K-ing (karoke) that day. If interested in joining us, contact
either me or her :)

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