we conquered the “Advanced” level in Daytona USA! =). I can shift
properly now too and know when to downshift on those horrid turns
:) –I think the “extended laps” help but DD and I finished it before
time expired. We were gonna try “Expert” today but these fobs just
kinda well sat down without consideration that there were 2 ppl
waiting for the machines ahead of them. Ah wellz. I have 2 weeks
left of studying to do, so I’m sure we’ll get our opportunity before
the end of term. :P I still have yet to beat that boy. Oh, he’s
picture of the day, so go take a look. I dunno exactly what he was
doin’ in that pic, but he reminds me of a kid in that one oddly

2 of my worst exams are over with. Eric/Jeff/DD, and anyone else
would’ve probably aced it. The questions were quite easy–if I knew
the material. However, I’m not entirely sure how I did and even
though there were only 2 coding questions (14/60 marks), the short
answers weren’t all that straight forward either; a lot of them
were quite tricky. They required a ton of thinking as well. I just
hope I passed it, because if I didn’t, then I don’t pass the course
=(. I’m thankful that I had a CS major to study w throughout the
week, but I’m certain that w/o him to bounce off my questions with,
I would’ve done a LOT worse :) Thanks for help, printing costs,
and for everyone’s prayers!

Good news. I know I passed one of my courses already (on the other
hand, I need to maintain a B average on my core English courses).
I got back my research paper today (the one I rushed to hand in–full
of grammatical errors) and considering I didn’t know what I was
doing and that I didn’t read the related text(s) and finished it
by pulling a 40 hr all-day/nighter, I managed to get 78%, with a
lot of criticism on it (reminds me of first year English work–bleh).
I think the professor was being gracious! God certainly answered
my prayer :). Thus, I have a 51.1% in that course (it was worth
45%). I hope I did okay on the final as well, I kinda ran outta
stuff to say in most of my discussion questions, as expected. As
usual, I also ended up being the last to finish an English exam.
Although I missed many classes in that course (because I felt that
I didn’t learn anything), and didn’t do any of the readings (well
maybe an ounce but it was so hard to keep up w that book–I’m glad
I didn’t buy it; I just burnt a copy from the CD and transferred
it to my Palm for my text reference in class, and the textbook,
I borrowed from the library–how convenient!), and surprisingly,
I think I was able to successfully identify the 5 passages correctly
(of 10) on the exam. I hope the rest of it went okay, even though
it might sound very “fluffy”. During the exam, I realised that the
professor actually knew me by name b/c he asked me, by name, if
I received the exam package yet. Doh. Ah wellz, God has it under
control :).

Once again, thanks for your prayers! Continue to pray: Thurs-English
exam, Fri-essay due, Sat-Math exam, next Sat-English.

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