realised that waking up at 7:00 AM is like the worst feelin’ in
the world if one’s only had 3 hrs of sleep. Agh. Thought my worst
exams were over with. I guess not. This one at 9 AM is gonna be
tuff considering I only have 51.8% going into the 30% final. It’s
virtually next-to-impossible-only-by-a-miracle for me to get anything
over a B- in the final mark, which isn’t a good thing considering
I need a B GPA for my core English courses. I also realised that
I only have 1 day to study for my Linear Algebra (Sat), which I
need to cram a whole distance ed course in my brain w/in that time

  • a) it’s
    worth like 60% (man, even more than CS?!)
  • b)I have
    not listened to any lecture tapes or bought the Math textbook
    at all
  • c)I have
    no idea what I’m doing. I didn’t do much in terms of understanding
    my assignments throughout the term. Bah, I suppose that’s catching
    up to me.

Only thing left
to do is to pray and study hard =).

On another note: Ergh, Expert level in Daytona USA, is taking me
awhile to conquer =(. I think I’ll be a l’il broke by end of study
period b/c in retrospect, I’ve spent at least 5-10 dollars
in gaming thus far. Thankfully, another Psych experiment is coming
up. The extra pay ($6) will fund me :). Unfortunately, been eating
out like every day too. Gah. Rice/DD was commenting yesterday on
how I seem to know about or play so many games. Um. Well, I don’t
play RPG or the such b/c I have no patience for them (Unreal, CS,
EQ, Quake, Starcraft, DBII, etc.)–takes too long to finish. Actually,
I think I don’t game much at all, which might change in the summer
if the place I’m staying at, assuming that I’m staying there, lets
me use his Dreamcast :P. edit: I take it back,
I ain’t staying there no more.
Tho, last summer, I ended
up playing a lot of Mario Kart (and somehow WWF w various ppl?!)
on Nintendo64 :). On the computer here, I only play Tetrinet and/or
Word Racer/Graffitti (which I have stopped playing for a while now).
And at the arcades, Daytona :P (o sometimes other games like Time
Crisis II, DDR, Capcom games/street-fighter style arcades but I
really ain’t good at all b/c I haven’t played enuff).

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