Mad Studying

I got paid $15 today (no tax deduction woohoo!) to participate in
a Psych Xperiment that lasted about 50 mins. Went to SLC to “study”.
Quite fun to study w DD and Vonnekins. Took some pix to prove it
:). Got studying done, but I felt that I could’ve done more . .
. but will do more tomolo. In btwn, we saw some breakers, some swing,
and went to the Cove to play Daytona! ;). Cept DD creamed me. Doh!
Well, I kinda got the gear shifting mixed-up (2nd and 3rd). Afterall,
it was only my 2nd time playing w a manual transmission . . . but
it was fun =). Esp since he believes in rammin’ :P.

can be miracles, when you believe . . . ” (Whitney Houston, POE,
Yes! I need a miracle! AGH, I need to pass CS but with the amount
of time I have to study for both CS and English on the same day
(Monday), I need a miracle and much prayer! :) Thx.

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