Mebbe I should go home?

everyone is lamenting of their wonderful homes in Vancouver–the
food (homemade!…sushi!…mmm..okay, I gotta stop before I make
myself even more hungry), the mountains, the ocean, … weird I
am for not really dying to go home. I’ve b//c a nomad (Am I using
that correctly?). But for the time being, somewhat by choice, I’m
homeless and jobless. I think I just screwed myself over. =) Maybe
it’s God hinting that I’m supposed to be where I don’t want to be
this summer: not Vancouver, not Ottawa, not here, AGH, Toronto?!?!
I think I better go look for jobs there now too. At least for TO,
I already have a friend who might be able to get me a place (pool
table…sweeet). Even if it’s not that place, at least I know ppl
there I suppose. =P I better start prayerfully consider my choices

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