O, what a bloody night

that was a good stress-reliever. I think we should do this more,
even if it costs me skin and blood. DD and I ventured over to Ric/Shoe’s
place to pick up a basketball for Sunday (ball w Teens for SS! woohoo!).
I really suQ at pick-up (esp against 3 xperienced guys!–they were
being nice too, they didn’t check me), but it was fun nevertheless.
My toes are slightly sore from running around in heels and doing
poor defense/checks/shots . . .but playin ball for 1.5 hrs from
12:30 AM in the dark, outside reminds me of the time that SilQ and
I were shooting and mosquitoes decided to feast on us, but this
time it was good b/c it wasn’t as hot and Spring hasn’t really arrived
yet. The sand on the pavement isn’t that great, esp for easy wipeouts
(and the cause for skin and blood heheh. Thankfully my khaki coloured
pants were not bloodied :P). My hands were black afterwards–when
I went to wash it, it was quite a filthy colour : | . Can’t believe
I haven’t touched a ball since Aug of last summer . . . Anyhooos,
I gotta go to zzz so I can cram for Alge tomolo and gotta clean
up the dried blood.

Another Emily beat me at Daytona Xpert today. =| Just ain’t gettin
the hang of the turns! Sigh. =)

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