Mental Note: Never work with er,…someone…, on a project. Always back out of a commitment if you later find out that people are unreliable and are going to give you material last minute. Not only so, especially when you also find spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and horrible style/form that requires you to not only read through what is expected to be almost, if not already, perfect, but also to retype out sentences so to avoid the impression THAT SOMEONE IS YELLING WITH THE CAPSLOCK ON. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist. =| ah wellz.

CUAR is in one day. I’m not entirely sure that I look forward to it as much anymore. The weekend forecast is rain (can one still canoe?!) and gloom. Much prayer needed for us…

How is it possible that I’ve done handbooks before (at least 3 or 4) and it was loads of fun (and time consuming, yes), but this one is just crazy? I suppose it’s because I was given plenty of time instead of only 24 hrs or less to work on it! And to think that I wanted to “graphic-ize” it too :P. *sigh*. I can’t believe this handbook spoilt my plans today. I guess the Aviation Museum will haveta wait ’til next Thursday, when it’s free. And to think that I was soooo looking forward to my highlight of the week. What a big disappointment. I’m not too happy with the outcome of the handbook either. It’s really not up-to-par in terms of quality, but hey, it’s a rush job.

Update @ 2:12 AM, May 17, 2002: God’s timing and hand into this really helped, I think =). If we finished any earlier and gotten it printed elsewhere, I dunno how much it’d cost, but somehow, tonight at Staple’s Copy Centre, 58 stapled and folded booklets ended up to be only $37.35 (tax included). The strangest thing is that the quoted price was $0.07 per page (0-99 copies) and $0.25 per booklet to fold and staple. Now if one book has 7 pages double sided, that would be 14 pages…14*0.07+25=$1.23…multiply that by 58…=$71.34 w/o tax. Is my math just bad or am I just really tired? Well in any case, it was quite an adventure. Since they required 2 hrs, we didn’t know what to do so late in the night, so we just went to Hunt Club’s Tim Hortons and then McD’s. I don’t think I want to go to Hunt Club’s T.H. again b/c last time they screwed up my Café Mocha, and this time, even tho it wasn’t as diluted, they forgot the chocolate sprinkles! =(.

-End of Update-

On another note: I have an interview on Tuesday! Wow, I don’t think I’ve had an official face-to-face interview (always casual or via phone) for about 2 years now. I’m kinda scared. =| Please pray :) I gotta find time to prepare for it too and with the retreat comin’ up tomolo…

On toothpaste: Woah COOOL! My cos’ uses this toothpaste (Colgate Total w Whitening) that is “anti-bacterial”. Never used such a thing before (b/c it’s too expensive for a student’s taste :P). it “tastes” pretty minty too :). (the nice thing about room and board is that my toothpaste gets paid for too. heheh :P).

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