[Dream] Spirits

These days, I don’t feel too well-rested when I sleep. I hit the sack really late, but yet, wake up with muscles all stiff and sore….

Gift of Discernment?

My parents had this godly woman over at our house. I was getting a drink while talking to my mom about Auntie Georgina (Becky’s mom). As I got a cup, I asked “Auntie” if she wanted some, but she politely declined. Later on, as I was getting ready to leave with a friend for some hockey event, I recalled that the Auntie’s name was also Georgina…

The weather outside was chilly, so I pondered on what to wear. My friend and I boarded this minivan on our way somewhere…it must have been somewhat hockey related b/c we kept trying to stuff hockey sticks in the car, both the plastic and the wooden ones…

I ended up in this building with many people. Or what looked like people. Many of them were strange. I remember getting into the elevator (ah, another elevator dream!) with a sense of dread…and getting out to see people running around in chaos saying something about avoiding the demons. well, i tried to use the complete opposite tactic. Instead of running, I just slipped quietly here and there, so to not cause attention to myself.

Shortly after, I sensed something following me, so I with this calm of fear, I started to sing “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” Apparently, that didn’t quite work and it reached out and touched me. In response, my body flew upwards and I just kinda felt the spirit go into me and quickly burst back out again because I was already claimed as a child of God.

And because I had encountered a demon, I now an impedement … my left leg was weighted down with something but now, I could see who were the spirits and who were the people. With this ability to discern, I tried to evade the spirits from others. One spirit tried to touch a girl in a room (for one touch allows them to possess a person) while they were gambling. But, to protect that girl, I tried to bargain with the spirit, “So, what do you want? 10 dollars?”…I quickly persuaded the girl to give me 20…and handed it to the spirit, “here’s twenty, now leave her alone”.

I wandered about in the halls, but with the influx of people from the elevators and such, I couldn’t really tell right away who were the people and who weren’t. At one point, I passed a note to someone (didn’t know if it was friend or foe at that point) with the word, “Demons?” on it, and he responded, “Champions!” … I knew for sure that it was an indication that my senses were right. The spirits lurked everywhere.

In one room, a few people were chatting and playing games. All of a sudden they heard creaks and noises. Mildred and a few others were scared and ran out to the halls to investigate. I followed knowing that they could not harm me. Turns out, it was only Danny, waking up and coming downstairs to get some toys. I just turned and let Mildred and Danny talk, said good night to Danny and went back to the room…



  1. brassman

    April 3, 2003 at 2:13 AM

    you always sleep late. maybe after all these years it’s starting to catch up on you.

  2. see_lai

    April 5, 2003 at 12:56 AM

    you mean b/c i sleep late, my dreams haunt me? :|

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