impressions on msn != reflections of the real you
or me.
leaving the cyberworld and connecting through many wires
two friends exclaim
that there is a trace of a chinese accent in my spoken english
the punchline? i’m a “jook-sing”
born and raised in canada
ironic –
how there are those who criticize my chinese noting that my english-speaking accent
is littered throughout
i can’t exist to please both worlds;
how oil and vinegar will emulsify

perks of living in cyberspace
being part of a surreal fantasy
and living a fairy-tale life
and they lived happily ever after.

the end.

baad msn + wild imagination = trouble
msn now tries to deceive me
by playing mindgames with me
thus blurring the lines of reality
and fantasy.

perks to add to my life collection of stories.
i love my life.

(left: me on my first day of kindergarten – yes, i drew it; yes i was 5 years old)

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