I went into a store, where the entrance was close to the pharmacy and
vitamins counter. On my way out, I remembered where I was so I headed
toward my cousin’s house (I think).

I was  in my cousin Jack’s house, ‘cept I wasn’t. A girl was with
me, but I can’t remember who it was – as I looked around, I saw a bunch
of The Greatest Adventure kids books and tons of Veggie Tales
characters lying around. I was really puzzled because my cousin isn’t a
Christian and it would not make any sense for him to have any. Yet, I
found that it was his second wife’s. Yes, apparently he had two. The
unit, which was a mirror layout of his belonged to her, and I was
actually in her house and not his. After I left, I remembered that I
had forgotten something, but he wasn’t there anymore, so I went back to
the lady at the counter (which is like a hostel counter) to explain my
situation, and she said that there needed to be two keys to open the
door, but since he was out, she couldn’t do anything more.

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