For the first time in my life, I actually want to live in America. Too bad that the tuition for a Master’s in Technical Communication at UW (U “dub” – not to be confused with U “double U”) costs over $16K USD for non-state residents (vs. $6000). With temperatures reaching a high of 80F (30?C) and warm, sunny skies, who would want to be elsewhere? Seattle, WA and its surrounding suburbs seem quite promising, with its roads and highway structures laid out very much like Toronto highways – convenient, quick, and easy to navigate around, minus the dense population. Driving through the roads, especially at night reminds me of playing Daytona or a similar racing arcade game. With Mt. Rainier in the backdrop and the sea breeze that drifts through your hair, it seems to be hard to stay indoors, especially when the beautiful weather energizes your being – which would explain why I already have a slight tanline.

It’s not like I haven’t been to Seattle before, but this time, it seems like I’ve had a slight glimpse of the city beyond the typical tourist and sightseeing attractions. God definitely sent us to an angel this weekend – an excellent host who opened his home to us, and even provided hotel-like accomodations! He also took the time to show us around town, made some really good recommendations to excellent restaurants, introduced us to some of his friends, and even gave a small tour of M$ (on that note, I must also remark that E@ is definitely much nicer, more creative looking and has a warmer feel than m$ does). To think that I’ve only met my friend once prior to this occasion, but I (and probably can extend it to “we” as in my manager too) definitely enjoyed his company, generosity, and kindness. He’s a great guy! Now, I even listen to 106.1 FM when there is nothing good on our local stations…Mmm, should’ve dropped by the Tom Bihn retail store in Seattle, where they sell backpacks with labels that say the President is an idiot.

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