Vancouver Island

UltraEdit-32 is pretty neat – it has this FTP feature where you can save directly to your website after editing it (much like blogger I suppose) so if I have an unfinished blog, you can see the updates in realtime. Anyhow this past weekend, I ventured to tent again with my fellowship (odd to be calling it “my” fellowship now) to a group campsite on Vancouver Island – a place where with no showers and outhouses (relatively clean ones at that) for facilities.

Like I shared with the girls, I originally signed up for this retreat only because my friend wanted to come, but I chose to stay even though she bailed out. Although, I may not have come out with too much, God showed me that although this group can be cliquey at times, some of them (viz. my team members) are still willing to give up time to spend with friends with those who they don’t normally hang out with (to finish a group/team activity), an action (whether consciously done or not) that I truly value.

Aside from having loads of fun playing on their playground with Taiko and our cameras, I came back with a momento: at least 8 insect bites some of which that itch, others that seem to have gone away in 1 day, but one swelled so much that my ankle and foot felt like it was numb, on fire or super cold at times, and that it would explode when putting too much pressure on it. Eventually, my left foot felt like it was just dead weight; I could only move my toes, leaving the rest paralyzed. My mom made me see the doctor (because I like to avoid dentists and doctors as much as possible) and he ended up prescribing me some keflex/cephalosporin (antibiotics) for 10 days – he surmised that it was a spider bite that got infected because the poison is released slowly overtime. I’m also supposed to keep it elevated but I either keep forgetting to or it’s next to impossible, especially when at my desk.

Lesson to remember the next time we go to the Island: make ferry reservations! Waiting in line for 5 hours (4 sailings) in hunger, heat, and slight boredom before being able to get on is frustrating. Well, we had additional bonding time I suppose =P.

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