It’s inevitable. My throat itches; I need placebos! Once I arrived in Waterloo, everyone around me was ill – Jo, Kat(?), Joseph, j.w and so I thought I would be safe by escaping back home, ‘cept I was greeted with more germs via my mother, two coworkers, my manager O_o. I must fight this and win! I mustn’t get ill. Waterloo was busy – people to see, places to go. Skipper showed me the EIT building and the new bubbletease. BigJon came for a visit and we played Scrabble yet again. On Saturday, I finally had a chance to visit the Children’s Museum! Slightly disappointing as many of the exhibits were under construction. However, I really enjoyed playing the board games that the game designer were trying to sell at the museum’s gift shop, namely Pyramid Crosswords. Although only two of us managed to visit the museum, we had fun anyhow :). Let’s see, also had another yummy $2.99 breakfast at Duke of Wellington’s with Albert, j.w and jopoo as well and a shopping blitz at both used bookstores and the Christian bookstores. Visited PT/Chris’ new place and watched the newest Veggie Tales, “It’s good!” =). Missed seeing Eunie :( and we couldn’t get the Initial D machines to link up properly. The strangest thing is that by the end of my trip, I only had $1.01 balance left on my WatCard. I was so hungry that I decided to buy a $0.99 muffin from the new Timmy’s at the SLC. It came to $1.06 so I took a chance and swiped my card. Well, because of the WatCard discount, it came to exactly $1.01 and now my balance is at $0 :)! I’ll save the story about how I received a phone call at 6 am this morning for another day :|.

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