tunger was driving me  – we were trying to find our way
from someplace and he took a turn that i didnt agree on but somehow
they both connected. you were also there again; and yet, i somehow knew that
it just wasn’t meant to be.  i also found out that there was an
auntie at my church who was a recruiter for r1m and had kept 2 rimers
(girls) in her constant prayers.

fast forward to next day: i remember entering a classroom and finding
out that a matthew left this class to go work for safe. we also watched
some video of waterfalls and people jumping into them – and somehow we
were able to enter the scene of what we were watching. then, there was a mad
scramble around the school lot and students were rushing to their
classes. was confused so i asked where i could get my
calendar/schedule. someone pointed me down the hall where room was
filled with pink sheets of paper. i walked in, saw some computer
terminals and just as i was about to ask the advisor a question, an
asian korean girl with black hair in a ponytail walks in (i can’t
pinpoint who it is right now but the face is very familiar – oh wait!
the girl who leads worship at ubc’s crew) and looks very depressed. she
goes up to the lady and wishes her a farewell as she was moving to
either toronto or ottawa. ‘cept the lady knew that she was being forced
to go because she noted that the korean girl wouldn’t give her a hug.

the girl left and shortly after, she came back. but this time she stood
by the side and gestured that she wanted to give the lady a gift. as
she looked on ,the girl had bright shadows appear, and then fade away.
one of them mentioned merging, emerging, or shifting shadows and
somehow, something in me clicked in and i just started mentioning
jesus’ name. and the shadow moved. i took my cue and rebuked all of
them in jesus’ name until they either faded away or became solid people.

one remaining one, an asian guy (w slight resemblance to allen) came over and put his arm around my
shoulders and we walked for a bit side by side, as he tried to
negotiate/talk to me. oddly enough, i craved the touch and it felt
nice, but i couldn’t let him know (since he represented danger/evil).
we went to the bonfire and  i just got up and told him goodbye
because he wasn’t meant for me and i’d be playing with fire (symbolism
w the bonfire?).  before i walked away, he offered his arm and i
just walked away without looking back.

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