The time in Ontario was sure therapeutic – got my mind off of certain things, but yet, somehow I think I left my mind back there because it wanders over there now moreso than ever. October – autumn. A season signalling change – leaves turn colours and fall. Gone are the afternoons of the warmth sunshine and long, warm summer nights. Is there to be change in my life soon?

Lessons I’ve learned this week:

  1. After 1 week, I’ve lost the battle. But, Tynenol Cold is very effective for runny noses. I cut down from using 1 Puffs Ultra box to 0.
  2. Word still has a bug. If you load large images and save it, the next time you open it and subsequent times thereafter, the image files will be corrupt and not display properly.
  3. Internet Explorer sucks; it’s either not very forgiving when it comes to code or Firefox is just so much better.

One of my colleagues, who seems to have been through a lot in life, has been on my heart lately. The other day, I offered to help her move some boxes to her car. On the way, she asked me if I was always cheerful. I gave her a quizzical look and she went on to explain that whenever she sees me, I’m always smiling or appear cheerful/in a good mood. Instead of sharing the Source of my joy, I just told her that I wasn’t a morning person so she won’t see me as socialable then as I tend to hide in my office. Anyhow, just someone to pray for.

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