Unfulfilled Dreams

I had wanted to study at the University of Waterloo since Grade 9. I knew my destiny; I wanted to become an optometrist. With a base salary of $40-80K a year back then, it looked quite promising. In 3rd year University, I studied to become a technical writer (not only because Daniel H. said RPW was the l337 program of English). Now? I’m a marketing writer but have no clue where I am to be going next. They say that one changes career nine times in one’s life. My career life has barely begun and I’ve already switched fields three times. Echoing yesterday’s sentiments, will I be at the crossroads of another decision, of life soon? Leaving would mean that I would leave behind unfinished business, but if it’s God’s will, will I be able to trust that He will take care of all that is to remain? At this point in time, am I ever glad I made that resolution to remain single for at least 1/2 a year; I don’t have to drag (or be considerate of) anyone who cares too much into this :). ‘Course if God closes this door, then all the better. I don’t have to make any decisions, but somehow, I’ve managed to escape making major decisions my entire life. I think that one day it will be time – if not now, then later.

PS. A big Happy Birthday goes to my dear “l’il” sister :)

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