Customer Service

After taking a 2-day training course on exceling in (customer) service, today’s incident at Timmy’s really made me laugh. Sip came bumped into me on my way downstairs, so I went with him to the Timmy’s at GTO.

The lady asks us what we’d like to order. When I said I wasn’t ordering, she responds by saying, “well, one of you must order” and she asked what Sip wanted on his bagel in one fast run-on sentence as if she was in a hurry or something. I looked around and noted that there was no one else in line, so I made a comment to Sip that she must be having a bad day.

While we were waiting for Sip’s bagel, we were just chattin’ and next thing I see from my peripheral vision is this lady waving the change in front of him. So, tell Sip, “Change” to alert him that she was getting impatient.

And what do you know, his bagel was burnt. The edges were completely black. I guess there was no use in going back to complain; she’d probably give him the entire thing black.

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