Across the Ocean

The vastness of the oceans
The depths of the seas
It is the void
That lies inside of me

The echoes of soaring eagles

Between the peaks at the top
The emptiness is filled
By the power of God

The grey of stormy skies
The blackness of night
Is the searching soul

Where there is no light

The flame of a bonfire
Burning ‘neath the stars
The Father of Light
Suffocates the dark

The icy waters of the Arctic

The glaciers of high mountains
Lies the coldness of the heart
Like sharp icicles: frozen

The heat of the Sahara
Warm rays of sunshine
Thaws the hardened spirit

From the heart of the Creator to mine

The deep canyons of raging waters
The burst of the fiery volcano
A lost spiritual battle
Out of control

A vibrant rainbow

Reaching across the sky
A promise of God
That He will forever be standing by


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