Beyond Reason

In spite of the chilly afternoon, a warmth that radiated from within tempted
me to enter the room. As I stepped beyond the doors into the room, I noticed
it right away, sitting upon the bare dresser: dead centre. Nothing else surrounded
this miniature picture frame of gold. One would expect to find a photograph
of a loved one or of some sort. Yet, to my surprise, in place of the expected,
all I saw was a black void, a darkness of . . . nothing.
My eyes diverted its attention from the frame to the marks on the wooden dresser.
As I peered closely, I noted that the imprints, which led to the edge of the
dresser, resembled tiny footprints in the sand. It was almost as if someone
had once walked across the dresser and went on to glance over the edge. I
was bewildered at the notion such a the thought. My fingers were about to
trace over the marks when my eyes caught a glint reflecting off the golden
frame. I looked around the room in puzzlement, wondering how it could have
happened without a change in angle of the frame’s position. I continued to
stare at the empty frame for my eyes were caught in a magnetic force that
riveted them toward the darkness. With my fingers, I carefully picked it up
and held it to eye-level.

To my utter amazement, the void of nothingness seemed to shimmer as if it
was alive. Forcing myself to blink a few times, I cautiously examined it again.
Indeed, something was truly happening. Almost unnoticeablely, a hazy, gray
silhouette slowly took form. The outline of a young girl, with sparkling eyes
of youth and a smile possessing a knowledge that I did not recognize, greeted
me. She appeared to beckon me and I felt compelled to respond to her strong
invitation despite my doubts.

My finger hesitantly moved toward the frame and reached out to touch the
velvet material of the once dark picture. Suddenly, I felt this sensation
of being yanked into the void beyond my control. This deceiving girl held
a strength that I lacked. Despite my efforts to take my hand away, my entire
being was soon engulfed by this darkness. I was the unsuspecting victim that
fell prey to her bait. The magnetic force pulled me into an unfamiliar realm.
As I passed from one world into the next, she became free. She flowed into
my body as I penetrated the separation and released herself from within me
at the point where my being left the accustomed world completely. I was speechless!
Unintentionally, I had taken her place. I felt the evil in her; it was so
strong that it was emitted through the black screen. I began to protest, with
my lips moving in silence, for sound did not exist any longer.

To my horror, the seemingly beautiful girl picked up the picture frame, and
hurled it at the window. Instantly, it shattered and I knew that it was over;
there was no more hope. I was to be forever trapped in the abyss.

(Winter 1998)

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