His Love

It was a seemingly normal day,
When they came and took Him away.
From a place called Gethsemane,
Where He was praying on bended knees.

They put Him to shame,

As they made fun of His name.
They struck Him with a splintered rod,
Because He claimed to be the Son of God.

They used metal, glass, bones, and lead,
To construct a whip that made Him bled.
Flogged Him forty-times minus one,

But after all that they weren’t quite done.

He suffered from great pain,
When they struck Him again and again.
Bleeding, bruised, and almost dead,
They placed a crown of thorns upon His head.

Flesh torn open from the thorns and whip,

They put a robe around His body and hip.
It soaked the blood that was shed,
The royal purple turned scarlet red.

They mocked Him and spat on His face,
The once recognizable man was now at utter disgrace.
They heeded to drive wrought iron nails through His wrist,

And through the heel bones without a single miss.

‘The King of Jews’ was fixed above His head,
And on the cross He was crucified and left for the dead.
Imagine, if you had the power of this man that day,
Would you throw yourself off the cross and say,

“I condemn you all for bringing me through this!”

For He did no wrong in God’s midst.
But with a single cry and a soft moan,
He chose to die even when His Father left Him alone.

The man, Jesus, was indeed He,
Who gave up His life for you and me.
Who conquered death after three days,

For He was no longer where His body was laid.

So, we are saved by His grace,
From falling into the eternal fiery place.
We never truly realize why He freed us of our fate,
Until we learn that His love for us was just too great.

This is where God demonstrated His love,

He sent His only Son from above.
We need to give glory where due,
Because Love sacrificed itself for you.


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