Spreading the Good News

A few weekends ago, we stumbled upon Adventure Guide’s bi-annual membership sale (75% off selected products with a lifetime membership of $10). After purchasing 3 pairs of Merrell shoes for approximately $100 total, I told a few friends the next day and they spent a total of $400+ in purchases (75% off is a crazy sale!).


A moment of epiphany: I was excitedly spreading the good news and sharing what I had found.

That is when I hesitated. Why was it so easy to tell others of this sale event but our attitudes to sharing the ultimate Good News is not one like that? I thought, maybe a common understanding existed between those I told (that they like sales, or outdoor gear?). Yet, I noticed that while there were those who bought much, some made only small purchases and still some came out with empty handed. Is it because the Good News is more personal to us than say, a sale event is? Our fear that rejecting the Good News would mean a personal rejection? I don’t know.

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  1. G

    May 19, 2006 at 2:19 PM

    I share your thoughts on “how come I’m not as enthusiastic about sharing salvation in Christ, as I am about a sale at store XYZ?”

    point 1:
    I think they’ll be more interested in sale, than salvation

    point 2:
    Telling them about a sale, doesn’t hurt me if they ignore it, as much as them ignoring what I believe in.

    point 3:
    How good a sale is, is very easy to justify and discuss, without taking it personally.

    point 4: and perhaps most importantly.
    sense of urgency.
    sales end, opportunities are lost.
    do we view salvation as a “sale that will end” before we can get in on the deal?
    do we feel that Christ is coming soon? and thus have a sense of urgency?

    gradually, this thinking has been changing; and I’m trying to maximize the more subtle opportunities. I am not one to be a streetcorner soapbox or carrying a sandwich board proclaiming “the end is nigh! repent and be saved by faith!”; but I will be up unti 4 AM chatting with you, if you’re ready/willing to hear.

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