after spending multiple hours napping two afternoons in a row and sleeping at night, it brings about some interesting dreams:

Mel C (or anotehr girl similiar to her) and i went down somewhere (i think to meet someone or had a scheduled appointment) but as we ventured down the tunnels (which were lined with rocks) and as we reached the bottom, we noticed that the rocks were wet, and dirt from above had somehow collected and resulted in a mudslide. so we were going to go back (through another way). as we tried to move to another corridor, we noticed that water had begun to pool ahead; it seemed pretty deep. just as we were going to turn back, i noticed that there were two people (guys) with flashlights in the trees that came down to look for something, so we asked them if they knew a way back. they did. so they took us with them. turns out they were looking for some prisoner they had, so they took us in tow instead and ended up taking us across the border to china.

they somehow expected us to report back to their base every night, but other than that, they pretty much let us reign free. however, one time, i went into this electronics store and i was talking to them in english (and not cantonese as we were in HK). so two guys working at the store figured out that we were part of the prisoners group (i think from then on, i tried to speak cantonese in public) and ask they scanned us with some sort of scanner, parts of our body/clothing glowed yellow (kind of like UV light)- one was a note from Barb and Arnold to me. They asked me what it was and how it got there – and I told them I didn’t know (which I didn’t). I think Barb and Arnold had hoped that we’d find those notes first.  I did recall going into a church for haven/escape, but the first one we passed, it was in the middle of a wedding ceremony. The 2nd was much bigger, so we were able to walk through the back of the sanctuary (also in the middle of a wedding ceremony) into meeting rooms. We met some friendly people there and we tried to meet in a meeting room where there was no window in the front.

Later on, I met up with Jon and Mel L and Joseph.


There were fish. Lots of fish. One had sympathy for the fish. So, we devised a plan, where they would separate the seal / walrus tank so that it would be half and half and that it would rotate so that people who fished would only be allowed to fish from half a tank, so that it allowed the other half of the tank to replenish itself.


Was trying to get home in heels. Went through a mall – sears where it had one floor of kids clothing; some at 70% off. Across the street was The Bay. On the way out from the sears’ side doors to the sidewalk (next to the street and the bus), walked past the bay and somehow ended up stopping by a real estate model home. There was already a group in there, and they were discussing the housing options. I ended up taking notes. They talked about the possibility of co-habiting, no, co-housing (24 rooms with shared facilities). I asked one question – about how flexible the exterior changes were w the rest of the complex. Then I left because I was startiing to get bored and because apparently I had to meet someone. As I left, I went to walk right, but it was just pure gravel. I went past the home that was attached to the model house and noticed some International students inside. Someone peered out and said that I couldn’t cut across the field like that. They also ended up locking the door once I left – which made me to think that this was an exclusive sale. 

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