What I did in Vancouver

When folks ask me how my Christmas was, the first thing I can think of is how much I ate! All I remember doing is eating – multiple times during the day, and one meal after the next. Let’s review:

    HK-style cafe

  • Christmas Day – immediately after landing, we hit a local HK style cafe for a late dinner in Richmond, which was tasty and filling!
  • Family meals

  • Boxing Day – our traditional Christmas brunch followed by an extended family dinner
  • Sushi and seafood

  • Sunday – lunch at Sushi California followed by dinner at my aunt’s place where my uncle served us delicious home-baked cinnamon rolls for dessert
  • All that fish for $41
  • Monday – Our first time snowshoeing with a light packed sandwich for lunch (loved snowshoeing by the way), followed by dinner with the Oh’s at a Chinese seafood restaurant. First time j.w’ s tried sea cucumber and was a first time for him to have lobster and crab combined in a dish. Before lunch we stuffed ourselves with Zoo sticks from White Spot (had to share with j.w the only thing I wasn’t sick of at White Spot when my father worked there for what felt like forever) and their Original sliders.
  • Pad Thai and sushi

  • Tuesday – we enjoyed a walk in White Rock and had pad thai with a friend (nicely done al dente noodles), despite White Rock having a great sushi place. Why? We needed to save our sushi appetite for the evening for all-you-can-eat at Toyama, which by the way, I would recommend paying the extra $5 for their deluxe menu (which includes BBQ black cod, BBQ lamb, and wild pacific salmon sashimi mmmm. Their oysters were delicious too! Discovered that I’m not a fan of sea urchin or geoduck sushi though – really strange textures.
  • American portions

  • Wednesday – went down to the States and had frozen yogurt for “breakfast”, McDonald’s chicken nuggets for a “filler”, jalapeno pretzel for “lunch”, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate-dipped frozen banana for “snack”, and happy hour appetizers at Applebee’s for “dinner”, and a Starbucks Mocha ice cream mini tub for “dessert” (we had to eat it otherwise it would melt on our drive back). My goodness – that dinner is likely one of the most unhealthiest I have eaten – between the 4 of us, we shared 2 pounds of wings, 1 basket of deep-fried onion wings, 5 slices of quesadillas (though we took that home), 1 order of potato skins, 2 orders of sliders and fries.
  • Dim sum, seafood, and peking duck

  • Thursday – New Year’s Eve lunch with grandparents at Kirin in Coquitlam for dim sum (no longer recommended as a place to go for dim sum). Dinner feasting at home over steamed giant scallops, huge oysters, and ginger and green onion crab! All home-made by mom. The house smelled like fish and soya sauce but it was all worth it. And, new year’s count-down at Miche’s with Earl Grey tea cake for dessert.
  • Friday – New Year’s Day – we had lunch with the girls at the military woman’s dim sum place on Kingsway (near MacPherson) and dinner at a Chinese restaurant with peking duck!
  • More seafood and #1 house special drink

  • Saturday – a brunch/late lunch at New Westminster’s Boathouse (not recommended) to celebrate a friend’s wedding! And, because of reservation limits, we had an early dinner at the Cannery (before it closed down forever). Now we can say we’ve been to the Cannery! It’s too bad that I was left with a negative impression when I alerted the hostess that the ladies washroom was out of soap. Her reply? “We don’t have any at all.” What does that mean? Is it because they’re closing in 3 months and they don’t want to be bothered to provide soap for their customers and instead to force them to use bottles of hand sanitizer instead? What do their employees use to wash their hands? *shudder* A filling dinner was followed by a great tasting #1 House Special drink at 8 Juice in Aberdeen (Miche and Tunger’s recommendation). It’s a sago pomelo mango and coconut juice mix and they only had a Medium left ($4.50) when they overheard me telling my sister that they were closed. I’ll be back next time!
  • Chinese food and dessert

  • Sunday – very filling lunch with my aunts at a New Lake Restaurant (Chinese) nearby the church, and then a early dinner (which I could barely eat) at another HK style cafe restaurant in Coquitlam (which was decent), followed by Chinese mango sago dessert at Honey Dessert House on Kingsway near Boundary. That was good! They also had great service – they kept refilling our lemon water and let us sit there for a good two hours (we left when all the young’uns started coming in which was also an indication that it was getting late).
  • Meats

  • Monday – lunch at a new Japanese restaurant in Surrey called Tengoku, which are actually owned by Koreans. The portions aren’t bad but it’s nothing outstanding. For dinner, the whole family came over once they heard Ron was bringing steak!
  • Taiwanese noodles and shaved ice

  • Tuesday – lunch at Aberdeen in Richmond at the new Taiwanese noodle place (great taste but way too pricey for what you get), followed by dessert at Frappe Bliss in the Food Court upstairs. The shaved ice place is absolutely worth whatever lactose intolerance reaction I encountered. In fact, it’s more like flavoured shaved milk with fruit and other toppings for $6 a bowl. I was so full that I could barely touch dinner, which was at home with leftover crab and veggies.

And, that was my holiday in a nutshell :).


  1. Marie

    January 12, 2010 at 3:10 AM

    Sounds like a delicious holiday! I need to track down this shaved ice place. It looks so good!

  2. Joan Fong

    January 12, 2010 at 11:09 AM

    wow, you really had a good holiday. i bet you did not gain an ounce, if i eat like that someone would have to roll me home!

  3. b.p.

    January 14, 2010 at 12:04 AM

    Haha, I felt I had to be rolled out by the time the holidays were over!

    Marie, you should definitely try the shaved ice though :9 ♠- it’s in Aberdeen. The bowl in the foreground has shaved green tea ice, with fresh strawberries, mango, grass jelly, and a scoop of green tea ice cream and a drizzle of condensed milk on top. The bowl in the background
    had strawberry, mango ice cream, and mango shaved ice, and drizzled with mango juice(?).

  4. jopoo

    January 15, 2010 at 1:26 PM

    oh wow all that food… i’m getting hungry already and i only just finished my lunch =P

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