Day 4 and 5: Charlottetown

The last two days were spent around Charlottetown, where Jopoo would be spending the next six weeks.

We moved away from the B&Bs to a great low season rate at the Prince Edward Delta, which they also gave us a free upgrade, and a complimentary day of parking because our heat mysteriously stopped working. The beds look lumpy but they’re quite comfortable. At least they did something, unlike the Best Western Hampton (which curtly informed me that they turn off the heat during the spring/summer months).

We visited Off Broadway (also recommended by Where to Eat in Canada), for a late supper one night, and the seafood chowder was just amazing – filling enough for a meal unto its own.

The first night’s dessert was from j.w’s $30 prix fixe menu, which was a lovely gingerbread parfait that wasn’t too sweet. The second evening, while j.w was in the game store (again) Jopoo and I settled on Starbucks after asking for recommendations from the hotel concierge and not finding any! That’s okay though, because it was my manager’s treat (gift card) :).

IMG_3207 IMG_3210


After an unexpected experience at the Penny Pincher Fair on Saturday morning (which to me is a fancy term for “collective garage sale with admission”) with a security guard greeting us in Mandarin, then Korean, we decided to try Zen Sushi Bar, a Japanese restaurant downtown which advertised a 2 for 1 lunch special. Not only was it cheap ($6.50 for both the planko fish meal and a sukiyaki meal, making it $3.25 each), it was owned by true Japanese folks. And the food was good! This was easily the best value and better tasting lunches we had. The volcano roll, though a bit pricey averaged our meal was so good that one didn’t need any extra wasabi or soya sauce.

Sunday service at Charlottetown Community Church was an eye-opening experience. People were friendly, the keyboardist even came up to us afterwards to greet us. They seemed to reflect their name: community. People were open and transparent, even in communion. I can count how many times a church told its congregation (in a non-members meeting) how much each of its staff makes: 1. This church. One conversation had me chuckling though: one lady asked Jopoo, who is younger, if I was her daughter :P

Charlottetown is also home to a culinary institute, which I found wasn’t as good as our local Conestoga College’s Conestoga Dining Room. The dishes were pricier, and the fish in my seafood bouillabaisse seemed a bit overcooked. But, the view is much nicer!

A few randoms:

At the Confederation Bridge, it suggests that you donate to a parking meter if you enjoyed the view. And, for our last meal together, the siblings enjoyed a lobster meal at Seatreat for lunch.

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