[Dream] Shopping, marriage, and a fire

In a store, shopping for clothing and apparel. Saw a pair of (tall) boots that seemed very stylish. My mother was with me and the retailer tried to convince us that it was made of leather. This all in Cantonese. However, I told her that it didn’t smell like leather so we won’t get it. Also saw these pink pom pom extensions, where you can attach it to any hoodie and look like you have two pompoms at the end of your strings (on the hoodie string).

As we walked out the store, saw some Valentine’s Day assortment of cards, stickers, and other variety of things on sale, but we remarked that if we had wanted it, it would’ve been better if we bought it a few weeks earlier, when it wasn’t close to Valentine’s day, as it was 30% off then.

Next day, met two older Japanese ladies. They didn’t know English, but surprisingly, they knew Cantonese!

Oh, and in one of these dreams, I was very shocked to discover that my friend Henry had chosen to marry another woman (while still married to his first wife)! I was trying to fight for his first wife, who seemed resigned to the fact that this was happening. I was trying to convince him that this isn’t what Christianity teaches…but it appeared that his version of faith didn’t convict him otherwise.

There was a fire. It was on the 2nd floor and people on the balcony ended up jumping down.  My friend jamesclau jumped first, and he didn’t break any bones or die, despite landing on his side (on his arm). So, we all jumped after.

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