I can now say that I actually attended Gen Con, a four-day gaming convention. Going in, I expected to see people similar to those in the Math building at school, and see I did! (and now, I was one of them?!) . I’m glad that I found other activities to do while in Indianapolis to keep me sane, but at least I came back knowing how to play a few more games that I seem to like: Carcassone, Havana, and Egizia.

So what else did I do?

Yes, I went to the zoo, just like I had told everyone I would. And Trader Joe’s. Despite going to the zoo on my own, I had a really good time.


  • Memorable quotes that I shouldn’t repeat
  • Visiting the world’s largest children’s museum for free (every 1st Thursday evening of the month). We even ran out of time!
  • Interesting eats, including asian-style tacos, happy hour $3 deep-fried onion crisps, and deep-fried butter
  • Touching a shark
  • Seeing Abraham eat deep-fried butter
  • Deep-fried bacon (this was really delish: not-too-salty and crispy bacon deep-fried in light batter)
  • Touching an elephant

We ate some of the most interesting foods at the Indianapolis State Fair. Of course, there were the ones we didn’t try, like chocolate-covered bacon (which I’m told is a norm now), deep-fried twinkies, oreos, snickers and other candy bars (which isn’t new), and krispy kreme burgers (patties using donuts as the burgers – now that is death). I’m really happy that the guys decided to all come to the State Fair in the end, which made sharing the deep-fried foods more fun! It’s a shame that it wasn’t a week later, as we could’ve also seen Chris Tomlin and TobyMac in concert!

The worship service at the convention on the Sunday was really encouraging. It was encouraging to see that there were gamers who had more to this life than just gaming; a very nice contrast to the talk I sat in during the week, which essentially tried to use “critical thinking” to disprove biblical creationism. Their logic seemed to have a lot of syllogistic fallacies, yet they used the arguments to imply that because creation theory has flaws, evolution must then be true.

Anyway, here’s a quick 5 min highlight video of our Indianapolis trip:

Would I go again? Maybe if I had extra vacation to spare. The extra activities on the side and the company certainly made the trip more memorable. Without them, I don’t know if I could last at Gen Con for the full amount of time.


  1. sajoy

    August 24, 2010 at 12:13 AM

    there was a worship service at the convention? interesting. how was it organized?

    I’m still shuddering at the deep fried stuff. eeee.

  2. Anonymous

    August 24, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    You just used "syllogistic fallacy" in a sentence!

  3. b.p.

    August 24, 2010 at 9:42 PM

    Hmm, you would “register” to attend ahead of time (just like you would sign up for games, to play in tourneys, for workshops and talks) – but that’s really so that they can get a room that’s the right size for the people, prepare communion cups (apparently what they use for prison ministry: 2-in-1 – you peel back the top for the wafer, and another layer for the “wine”).

    Joseph tells me that the praise/songs part of worship used to be lead by a guitarist, but he died unexpectedly a few years ago. Ever since then, they have switched to following a taped or cued recording. Everyone follows along with printed lyrics. A hired preacher (pastor) delivers the sermon. It’s a little strange to see people in costume (think male with long-haired wigs) coming to worship, but hey, we’re at Gen Con and Jesus loves them all :)

    The only deep-fried novelty that I would go back to is the deep-fried bacon…Mmmm, mmmm.

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