[Dream] Fire and fire extinguishers

Last night, someone was playing around with champagne bottles and opening champagne in a house. Somehow, someone I knew had opened one and it shot across the room and when it landed on a some type of cabinet/coffee table, it started to set on fire. I remember mentioning that there was a small fire (kind of like the time the paper table cloth caught on fire at BAC’s coffeehouse when some of the career people were playing around with the candles)…but they thought they had it under control. But it seemed to get worse, so I grabbed a vial of fire extinguisher, unscrewed it and shook it onto the fire (white powder) – that seemed to have done the trick. I was more impressed with the fire extinguisher, that I went down to (Elena? whose house it might have been) and said that hers was a lot easier to use than ours, which was the traditional pull pin and spray type.

Earlier this week, I somehow found a way to get to a conference by going along in jkung’s flight (cessna type of plane). when I got there, i found that those who stayed overnight and had driven would have gotten $2 off their conference. I felt a little ripped off..

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