My belly button hole feels like it’s shrinking!

So now that I’m halfway, it doesn’t make me less concerned but my energy is returning and I have less bouts of “morning” sickness; though for me, it was really “night” sickness, which was a hard stop to my day; an immediate sign to go to bed (a great discipline for me to sleep earlier, shall we say?). And, comparatively to some others, it has been pretty mild (once from the bed into the garbage “box” after a round of the flu, so it was conveniently close by).

In the past, I feared that this blog would one day become a journal of a mom (much like friends on Facebook who now post mainly about their children), but I really shouldn’t be surprised, as my blog has always followed me in each phase of my life. And through a blog that I’ve been following for years, I realize that there is abundant beauty in family, from the ups and downs, and even in the mundane.

And yes, the second trimester is better than the first, like everyone else has promised; my energy is mostly up, and I don’t feel like I need to carry gingerbons around anymore.

One of the first questions that we’ve been asked is how did we know?  A sudden tiredness and feeling more thirsty than usual prompted me to take a home pregnancy test. The Zellers 30% closing sale was an added incentive to pick up a kit (since they’re never on sale) and see if my hunch was right. Sure, there were other signs too, but I just attributed them to pre-menstrual symptoms. Later, I realized that I could’ve just gone to the doctor’s first, since they just use the same type of testing to confirm the results anyway (done by a nurse in my case). But, I don’t like the doctor’s, so self-diagnosis is usually my first choice .

And because I’m horrible at dates (don’t ask about our first date because neither of us could tell you), our first ultrasound was to get dates. Even at 8 weeks, it was incredible to see the heart beating and the movement of the baby (more like vibrations as pulses of light). As the days goes by, I continue to marvel at how our bodies can expand and accommodate and carry a growing baby for 9ish months, in awe of God’s handiwork (flying in planes is another experience where I am always reminded of our Creator and our humanity).

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