Two more months

With just about two months to go, I feel so inadequately prepared, especially since the items on my mental checklist are still outstanding, so I don’t feel ready. Perhaps it’s also because I feel like we don’t have a strong support community around us, that’s close by, in the same life stage, especially after hearing j.w say out loud and identify that it’s what’s missing in KW – as compared to Toronto (NT brothers and sisters really). I think spending time with the NT community causes us to feel this gap, and him to miss Toronto more.

Physically, I still feel pretty good, with enough energy to walk a half hour to Mel’s Diner (2.3 km says Google), weed (on a stool, with family help), continuing badminton weekly, and go camping and canoeing. However, I am beginning to feel some of the signs of a pregnant woman in her third trimester:

  • A more itchy belly (which seems to have stemmed from camping)
  • a realization that her goofy pillow really helps with sleeping (also realized during camping, but the recently bought thermarests not only saved her back but also kept her warm with temperatures dropping to 2C overnight, brrr)
  • More difficulty in reaching down / bending over to put on socks or shoes
  • Slight increased pressure on bladder
  • Increased conversations with people, especially women, about the expectant one
Turtles at Pinery Provincial Park (photo by j.w)

Car camping (for the city folk), by the way, was fun despite the chill. God answered our prayers, our very specific ones: I prayed for dry, sunny weather, and Dan prayed that it would be bug-free; we forgot to pray for warm weather :) Aside from the times changing out of and into clothes, I think we were okay: we had thermarest mats, our sleeping bag is rated up to -7C and I learned why a small tent is handy to have at times: heat retention and ease of setup / take-down (compared to the 12-person tent that anyone can stand in, that the girls had and froze in). Too bad, j.w was sick so I’m sure it wasn’t as fun for him. We were at Pinery again (luxury camping with 2 ply toilet paper and very clean public washrooms!) I don’t think I would book that site again (Burley 1201, 1202, 1203); while it is close to the comfort station, it’s very close to adjacent sites and sometimes you could smell the waft of sewage and the sound of the generators from the comfort station, depending on the wind direction and strength O_o Unfortunately, you can’t really get a good visual idea by looking at the map until you get to a specific camp site, but last year, we had Dune 104, which I really liked But, our site actually worked out as we were able to fit everyone around the fire pit comfortably. This time, we also saw so many (families of) turtles sunbathing on the logs, and we had Shaw’s ice cream at reasonable prices. Maybe we’ll try going again in a couple year’s time.

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