It’s a baby!

On Sunday morning, I woke up to more cramping than normal and went to the bathroom (BM) twice, and the second time, I discovered blood! For some reason, I figured it was normal (pre/early labour symptoms that could last for days) so around 6am, I took a Tylenol and a Gravol as the midwife had suggested prior so I could sleep. By 8am, I proceeded to tell j.w that I was skipping church because I was tired due to 2 hrs of lost sleep. In hindsight, I am glad that we did because that meant I was able to get more sleep than a typical Sunday, which prepared me for the night ahead.

Throughout the day, we took it easy. I had some more menstrual cramping that would radiate from the back to the lower belly, and more blood. But, it was pretty manageable especially sitting on an exercise ball. I had an urge to go poo every so often, but only pee would come. As a “just in case”, we took some more maternity belly shots, and j.w made the postpartum bath that the midwives gave me, and I made some oatmeal in preparation for a “light snack” in the event that I went into labour early. We also walked to Sobeys, watched Children of a Lesser God, and re-learned Age of Discovery (board game). I also folded the last of the baby laundry that we had, and ate some Ribfest meat for lunch.

As we finished the game, Mel and Jon (and Lillian) showed up at our door! Somehow, J.w forgot to warn them that I had pre-labour symptoms. Lo and behold, by the time I went to bed, I couldn’t really think about anything else except the pooing feeling that was coming every three minutes for about a minute, and no poo! (the morning cramping felt like every four minutes for a minute but I had brushed it off), though the warm shower seemed to be very soothing and served as a distraction before Mel urged me to time them.

We paged the midwife and by the time she came, my water broke in a huge warm gush, like a water balloon had bursted, and she told me that I was fully dilated! (what! Whatever happened to taking a long time to dilate?) so we decided to try a home birth since the alternative was calling an ambulance and being transported to the hospital in case I had a baby enroute. But after an hour, there wasn’t much progress and the baby seemed to be in the wrong position so we rushed to the hospital for a OB consult.

Now I know that pushing feels like straining while constipated. God knew that I was trying to avoid an epidural, so he must have given me no choice. Because my blood platelet count was low, so I couldn’t get one even if I wanted to…

…He also knew that I didn’t want a C-section, and despite being transferred to the OR, a baby girl showed up close to 6am this morning (after pushing even when I didn’t feel a contraction, thanks to OB’s demands and assisted birth with salad tongs / forceps, and the head nurse’s encouraging words). Strangely enough, as intense as pushing was, the cutting and stitching felt more painful when the freeze was wearing off.

Now, we’re all resting at the hospital and I’m on my Q10 posting this, so it isn’t as eloquent as my other posts (*note: edited on July 30)

Best of all, I won the guessing game :)

*Read Timeline: Part 1 and Timeline: Part 2 for his version of the story on

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  1. Joseph

    July 27, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    You should warn people: “graphic details ahead!”

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