New experiences

Some students look forward to returning to school in the fall, but I don’t recall being one of them. Yet, I look forward to new workplace experiences. Maybe it’s the introvert in me (or that I’m insecure), but I tend to get the first-day jitters when joining a new school or a new class, especially if I don’t know anyone in the same class. Perhaps the inner me wonders if people already have their groupies, whether I will make new friends, or at least get to know the students who have the same work ethics as me for the group projects. Of course, things end up generally turning out to be fine.

Recently, we had two new first experiences:

  1. joining a Mommy and Me program
  2. feeling separation anxiety for the first time when leaving Little Bean with strangers at a church nursery

Mommy and Me

As I explained to a few girls at small group before attending the first class, I don’t want to pretend to like other people’s babies as precious as newborns look. But, as mentioned above, it’s usually not as bad, and things end up generally fine. The first week, I didn’t have that problem since our class ended after the speaker finished her topic (natural ways to treat common child health concerns like fevers, rashes, etc.). The second week, the speaker was considerably late, so the mommies interacted with each other and the ice was broken when a couple of new mommies joined the class late and introduced themselves and their babies; the baby I sat beside was older, so I was able to interact with her more while my little one slept through the baby signing class (and didn’t wake up until closer to the end).

Separation Anxiety

I’m more familiar with separation anxiety between toddlers and their parent(s), especially on their first day of school, but I distinctly felt some separation anxiety when I left Little Bean at a church nursery for the first time. We didn’t know the helpers/volunteers or how the nursery worked there as it wasn’t our church, so it required some faith on our parts that everything was going to be okay – this church didn’t seem to have a program where they would flag the parents if the little one needed their mommy or daddy (some churches have a call out that appear on the bottom of the slides to summon the parent). It was the first time that I was able to pay attention to the sermon more closely than other weeks when we have her with us, but at the back of my mind, I kept thinking (and watching the clock), is she okay? Is she hungry? (turns out she was at my estimated time, but I didn’t show up until the sermon ended half an hour later. By then, poor girl was a little dazed and very hungry). I probably would’ve felt a little better if I had a better understanding of how the nursery program worked prior to just plopping her down and leaving. But now that I’ve done it once, hopefully it will be easier next time!

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