[Dream] The girl

I found myself jogging on an early grey and rainy morning. The street was eerily quiet, so it was unusual to run into a thin, frail teenager. She told me she had run away from home (possibly pregnant?) and could not continue school and was on her way to find shelter in a forest. I tried to locate forests in my mind. Instead, I ended up offering the roomfor emergency situations like these at a local church where I worked part-time. I took her there, but it must have been late by the time we arrived (either middle of the night or still very early in the morning), because I remember coming up the back door, and asking Loretta, someone who worked and lived there if we woke her up (and we had). I quickly explained that my new friend needed the room for the night, and we settled her in.

I went upstairs to seek out the pastor to explain the situation and to see if we could work out something – perhaps offer her the room upstairs month to month in exchange for counselling? Afterall, the church had a bus stop in front of it, and a high school across from it, so she could finish her studies as a new face – a new start so to speak. it would’ve costed $80 a day, but I was certain motels would have been cheaper but she wouldn’t have gotten the care or the means to pay either. Here, she would have independence with some help.

I don’t know how it resolved because I was tired and everyone needed sleep. And I woke up from this dream.

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