[Dream] Nepal with the Chengs

We decided to go on a trip to Nepal with a couple of others on impulse because Eric volunteered to take us around, but it was a 17km bike ride and we would fly to Beijing first. Because it was so last-minute, we were originally going to go with the clothes on our backs, which was a pair of shorts and a light t-shirt for me, which might have been a bit uncomfortable at 30C weather after biking for 17kms. However, someone asked whether it gets any cooler in Nepal, and someone replied with 2C. So, we stopped by someone’s parents place so everyone could grab something. My sister told me to tell them how it was because they had planned to visit Bericky there next year.  One of the guys put on a jimmy neu(t)ron bike short, and I had a made a mental note to ask Joseph what was a “Jimmy Neu(t)ron” when I woke up (and he reminded me it was  Nickelodeon TV show). I ended up using the master bathroom before leaving, but overheard the parents come into the room and start arguing, which was super awkward, so I just piped up and said that I was in the bathroom.

I, or, someone questioned biking the 17km in 2o minutes. I didn’t think I had the endurance or speed from the airport to their destination, which was mostly dirt shoulder on the side of the road, in 20 minutes, or even in 1 hour, perhaps maybe more like 5km/hr so would be better if 3 hours. As for why we even say we’d go? We had been thinking about going to Jamaica anyway, as one of our friends had told us about an orphanage that they worked with there, but if we had gone there, our friend wouldn’t have been there and we wouldn’t know the language; but, in Nepal, we would have a personal translator and a guide.

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