13 @ 13

At 13 months*, Little Bean’s 8th tooth started to peek through;

Her diet expanded to cheese, yogurt, quinoa, and other adult foods,

and she started to feed herself at times with a fork and a spoon and drink from an open cup with her own hands.

At 13 months, Little Bean ensured her favourite bear nursed from Mama (with her help and her sound effects),

and she spoon-fed another bear at the high chair, already engaging in pretend play!

At 13 months, Little Bean stood up unassisted;

and took many large steps assisted.

She figured out how to climb up and down steps,

and get down from the couch;

And she figured out how to turn off the lights, but not turn them on

At 13 months, she pooped in her tub during bathtime for the first time – eew! and again within weeks of each other – double eew!

At 13 months, she has taken to practicing standing up, signing more, playing boo, and clapping in the middle of the night between sleep cycles.

But best of all, at 13 months, Little Bean gave us a great anniversary present by sleeping for 7 hours through the night on our 5th anniversary!

*These milestones took place during the month, and didn’t all happen on one day

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