Adventures in toilet-training

To pee or not to pee, that is the question.

I sometimes wonder whether our toddler feels the urge to go at the most inconvenient times on purpose: in the middle of the meal, or when she’s supposed to be falling asleep after lights out or during nap time. Of course, this prolongs either routine, and every time I take her, she does of course actually go. But when I ask her if she needs to go outside of those times, of course she doesn’t (and won’t). And then, there’s this strange habit of sucking on her finger when she has the urge to go, which is a nice visual cue for me if I catch it, because she doesn’t always tell me. Ah, the joys of toilet training (on her schedule instead of a 3 day boot camp schedule).

Woo-hoo! Today marks the first day that the baby fell asleep before the toddler’s nap time and napped through the long excruciating process, leaving my hands free to pull tissues to wipe her tears and nose while trying to wait for her to fall asleep. Sadly, it’s the pacifier that saves the day.

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