[Dream] two dreams

two of us were looking out the window on a taller building – we were both looking or waiting for someone – I had the sense that it was j.w I was looking for, and he, his significant other. As we peered out, I noticed that a storm was brewing below, with grey storm clouds like that of a hurricane.

Somehow, a few of us ended up being transported into a building where if you crossed over an invisible line, you instantly age and going to the next one aged you again; going back didn’t help you become younger though because I tried. But we had to continue to go look for people, so we followed the masses of people, and as we passed through a door and up some stairs, he commented that I aged well, and he didn’t look bad either even though we both had grey hair. Eventually, I came to a wall and watched it come alive with actors. Somehow, we followed the actors out, and after I said something or did a little jig (something like the “password”), the body guard let us through. I felt that I instantly became younger again, and it seemed like we were in a mall but we had to be careful as we weren’t supposed to be there. Somehow, we saw a sign that said a theatre was showing a feature that we were interested in, but by the time we got there, it was full, so we went downstairs as we were directed to an overflow room. I knew we were fugitives when, as I passed some people seated, I saw some security close in, so I dropped whatever it was I had in my hand, which gave away our location and we tried to go down a flight of stairs to escape… [then the baby cried and woke me up]

It seemed like we were in a dating networking event, as we were supposed to dance with whomever asked you to dance. I did, but had no interest in the guy who asked me to dance. As I exited, I saw Grace and asked her about her experience since it seemed like no one asked her, but I was interrupting another conversation so didn’t get to hear it. After going down the stairs and out the glass doors into another part of the building, I ended up seeing someone I knew when I paused to stop to watch 4-5 people demonstrating how to shower when back-country camping.


  1. Lawrence Lam

    February 19, 2016 at 4:51 PM

    My dream journals are now piles of booklets!

  2. emjaune

    February 20, 2016 at 12:56 AM

    Wow, physical books ? At least you still remember to keep track of them! I’ve lost my habit of writing them down or remembering enough details to record them.

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