Five months (or time flies with two and #secondchildsyndrome)

I cannot believe he’s five months old already! I remember the first six months of Bean’s life felt like a long time, but alas, #secondchildsyndrome; no wonder some moms with older kids miss the baby years. In a month’s time, our lives will begin to get more complicated, when he becomes more mobile and starts solids and thus, smelly and poopy diapers that are no longer water-soluble.

#secondchildsyndrome means that he lacks dedicated one-on-one time with mom, resigning to being propped up on swing to observe what’s going on around him (until he gets restless and complains). Some people have asked how our second one is, and he’s still pretty chill in comparison to our first. My theory is because first-time moms are often more anxious when babe is still growing inside, but with subsequent pregnancies, they become more ‘lax, so it somehow transfers to them. As parents, we’re not supposed to compare our children – especially in front of them, but I can’t help but say that there are definitely traits that the siblings share, but he’s also very different from his sister:

  • Similarities: they both had a phase where they disliked car rides, and let me tell you that driving with a crying baby is very stressful and makes for a very unpleasant ride for everyone (though the toddler’s coping mechanism seems to be singing to herself); they both battled a severe bought of eczema; when there are visual distractions around, they fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with a breathable covering over their heads; a bald spot appeared on their back of their heads from shaking their heads back and forth vigorously on their sleeping surfaces; they now share the same size diapers
  • Differences: he tolerates the swing; can fall asleep on his own fairly quickly when he is swaddled and has a pacifier; does not fall asleep much while breastfeeding and will finish a feed fairly quickly; he happily puts everything in his mouth (after all, he was pretty much born sucking on his hand, which means we might have to baby-proof the house which we didn’t have to worry about before); he is a heavy baby, chubs, with a big head (he’s now around 16-17 lbs) – thankfully that was of the boy and not the girl, and thankfully for the second, since my muscles are slightly used to the heavier first child

#secondchildsyndrome means that I almost missed some milestones, or failed to record them – including a lack of photos, especially photos with the entire family and me and him together:

  • lots of cooing still; he has discovered how to blow bubbles and figured out how to make a high-pitched squeal – which is amusing because his friend, just a couple of months older than him went through the same thing a few weeks ago (and he reminded her to blow bubbles again haha)
  • he knows how to reach up to play with toys – I put him in the play pen and I had dangled a toy off the mobile, and he reached up to play with it
  • he also managed to rotate 90 degrees in the playpen – probably by pushing his feet against the sides
  • tummy time is a bit easier for him now – he can hold his head up longer before complaining (instead of a face plant into the floor)
  • he can almost sit up like a tripod (bent forward toward his toes)
  • he sits up better in the bumbo these days, but he still tends to lean sideways shortly after he’s in
  • his sleep-cycle is more regular: 2 in the morning (30-40 min nap within 2 hours of the morning wake-up, then another 30-40 min nap 2 hours after that, usually around when we eat lunch thankfully), and 1 long nap in the afternoon (when toddler is sleeping – first by himself, and then with me feeding/holding him), a short nap just before or during dinner, and bed time around when the toddler sleeps

In toddler news, her current favourite colour is green and ESL English/Chinglish is picking up speed, despite a Chinese accent that accompanies it (though her English seems more whiny than her Chinese – not sure if it’s just the tone of voice). Her appetite is growing, and pan-fried, grandma-made potsticker dumplings are one of our favourite lunch meals right now, because she feeds herself – with chopsticks – for most of the meal, and she can eat up to 7 dumplings at a time! The other day, at her friend’s 5yo birthday party, she was one of the few younger ones who enjoyed following the dance teacher’s instructions – maybe it’s time to sign her up in some form of group lessons or activity soon.

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