Dreaming up tech

As I happened to be running behind, I glanced down at my phone and it told me that my sister, my friend (from Montreal) Peter, and three other friends were already at the restaurant…

During my afternoon nap, I had dreamed the above scenario. As I was waking up, my brain was trying to process the feasibility of the technology, and well, it seems like current apps and technology could easily do it in the near future, if it’s not already happening today. It’s almost like a Facebook or a foursquare check-in, with automation:

  1. Someone organizes a get-together at a restaurant and sends out a calendar invite
  2. You and your friends accept the invite, which gets added to everyone’s individual calendars
  3. Assuming you use the same map and calendar app (ie. Google), and you allow this event to be publicly visible or only to those in the same invite in your calendar, when you arrive at the restaurant, the GPS “checks” you in, so it shows everyone you’ve arrived.
    • On a more advanced (or extra creepy) level, you could possibly see where your friends are on the map as well (maybe to see how much longer you need to wait before they’re there to be seated, or if you should order ahead because they’re stuck in traffic, etc)[1]this is what Glympse does on BBM and there are cab companies that show you where their taxis are in … Continue reading.

Just remember, #yousawitherefirst


  1. Lawrence Lam

    October 24, 2016 at 11:21 PM

    Yeah exactly, I feel like that was Glympse.

    1. emjaune

      October 25, 2016 at 1:08 AM

      Does anyone use Glympse aside from some BBM users? I didn’t even realize that was a feature of BBM until much later.

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