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When some friends asked me for suggestions for local hiking trails or places for a nice nature walk, I had to pause and use my memory and Google to help[1]so I guess I can’t blame them if all they could find was a hike that charged $7 a person to … Continue reading; it can sure be challenge to find suitable ideas.

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to explore some trails but have only maybe done a few as many of these trails are linear (and goes on for hours or days – with trail access at varies points) instead of loops, so it feels like there’s a lot more effort to do them (either doubling back or need to park two cars and shuttle back), but this time of the year is probably one of my favourite times to do nature walks[2]I call them walks instead of hikes as I’m used to West Coast terrain.


So, here are some in KWC for my (and hopefully your) future reference – most of which I’ve narrowed down based on distance / time and how scenic or interesting the trail might be:


  • Devil’s Creek Trail
  • Trails along Blair Road (RARE): the river side one has cliffs and water and a lookout (could extend to a loop); I always want to walk along this one when I drive by it


  • Homer Watson Park: a 10-second walk from the car leads me to my favourite spot for a fall photo (one that overlooks the Grand River with coloured trees on either side). I discovered this sometime ago, from hunting around online, as it’s hidden and tucked away, but I haven’t actually ventured too far along the trail.  Someone has kindly documented a 8km loop if you’re feeling adventurous or park a car at one end and walk to another parking spot and drive back to get the other car – ‎http://www.hember.ca/hikes/HomerWatson/
    Or, you can try for a shorter loop: http://hember.ca/hikes/HomerWatsonDoon/
  • Pioneer Tower area
    Joseph Sherk, Husband of Elizabeth Betzener, first settlers in Waterloo Township arriving in Spring of 1800.

    Pioneer Tower: One access point to the Walter Bean Grand River trail is by the Pioneer Tower (an interesting structure on its own, along with the small cemetery nearby) – from that point, you go by some big houses and then becomes a bit rocky and narrow at times (not stroller friendly, we’ve tried) before you end up along / walking beside the Grand River and going under the highway 8! It continues on, but that’s where we turned around last time. Could also Google Kuntz Park for more info.

  • Turtle sunbathing at Huron Natural Area
    Turtle sunbathing at Huron Natural Area

    Huron Natural Area is my go-to for urban, easy loop walks and nearest to our house (one trail goes around a pond where on a sunny day you can spot turtles sunbathing, and in the fall, the leaves look really nice across the still water). My friends ended up choosing this place, and some told me that they didn’t even know this place existed before this! (I’m glad they ended up having a nice leisurely walk)[3]The same someone also documented a possible 5km and 8km … Continue reading

Waterloo/St. Jacobs

Race Mill trail
A Mennonite man walks with two kids across the train trestle
  • Health Valley Trail: This one is a challenge to find it seems but you walk to downtown St Jacobs from Waterloo, so you could have lunch there after!
  • Mill Race trail: in the village of St. Jacobs, goes under a train trestle, a next to a creek in some spots, see some chipmunks or frogs, some farm land, and if you’re lucky you’ll also hear gun shots. At the end of the 2km linear trail, you will see a small dam (so it’s like a mini-waterfall, right?)
  • The Hydrocut (specifically, only the multi-use trail): this might offer a more challenging terrain (enter via the Snyders Road parking lot) ‎but be warned that despite it being a multi-use trail, you may encounter many mountain biking enthusiasts – as it’s “their” trail around here. And I’ve been told there’s plenty of mosquitoes (but I’d imagine other places w trees and water might too)
  • GeoTime trail: This 4.5 km one seems like it would be an informative / educational walk vs. a hike – the concept is kind of neat, and I didn’t know this existed either; thanks, @jowu!

And then, there are walks with a purpose: to harvest fruit along the pathways!

Are there anymore that are worth checking out?

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  1. Stephanie Lu

    October 17, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    The GeoTime trail is right by my new place! I’ve run parts of it and it’s nice! Thanks again for sharing your local knowledge. We had fun on Saturday. :)

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