Language explosion

While he was very stoic and mono-expression before, Little Brother is becoming quite the character, is generous with his smiles, and has quite the appetite.[1]despite not going up to a week, sometimes! :(

Some things he enjoys:

  • he prefers soft veggies like squashes over green leafy vegetables (too stringy / fibrous), all soft meat – chicken, pork, but not steak, fish, and almost all fruits, especially oranges[2]portion-wise, he eats the same amount as his sister now, if not more!
  • looking at the world upside down
  • studying younger babies
  • shrieking in laughter, especially when his sister eggs him on
  • plunking at keys (computer and piano keyboards)
  • building with Lego and cars (more so than his sister did, but maybe because his sister is more interested in them now)
  • looking at pictures in books, especially when on the toilet (he asks for them by pointing to where they are stored)
  • sneaking up the stairs (while we were unaware), climbing and standing on chairs (probably seeing his sister do that) – he’s definitely less cautious than his sister – maybe a combination of being a boy, a second-child, and his own personality differences
  • helping mommy unload the dishwasher – cutlery is his forte, though sometimes he will “help” unload his cup by doing quality control on it first and pretending to drink from it
  • playing with water, especially when washing his hands
  • toddling around (now that he’s walking around with a lot more confidence)

Month 14 and 15 seemed pretty significant:

  • he took his first unassisted steps at around the 14 month mark (2 months sooner than his sister)
  • 2 week long cold/flu, where he spat up a couple of times, but it coincided when our house was sick last year as well
  • at his check-up, he weighed in as being on the 25th percentile (5x his sister!), around 50th percent in height, but 70th in head circumference (not my genes!); the doctor did comment that they are actually more interested in head circumference than length since a spike in the head size curve could mean a tumor or something unusual in there
  • figuring out how to drink properly from a sippy cup (and turning it over and tapping liquid from the unsealed ones all over the tray)
  • “painting”[3]using a brush and water to bring color in a magic book for the first time
  • mommy feeding him mixed nut butter (no peanuts) with no reaction the first time, but breaking out in hives and redness that required two doses of Benadryl to calm it down – sigh, more allergens to watch out for.

The doctor says that he’s supposed to say about 20 words by now, but while he’s not there yet (probably 3-4 words he says independently), his vocabulary seems to have exploded over the past two months. Resignedly, many of them are in English (sigh) as he’s picking up what his sister often says:

  • babbling, with first words at 14 months that seem to be associated with a meaning, but often copied instead of independently said, like “bao bao” (bread, but I realize that his meaning actually encompasses all food), “wow”, “POP” (goes the weasel), mum mum (food, not me) and now it extends to ow, snack, woh woh (dog), mao mao (cat)
  • signing more (food) by tapping all his fingers together, like in a teepee
  • nein nein: wants mommy’s milk (that’s how he greets me now too, not mama – I’ve been reduced to breastmilk, sigh)
  • ma ma (paternal grandmother) (15 months) paired with yeh yeh (paternal grandfather), which he had started calling long before ma ma
  • using certain actions for certain songs, at certain parts of songs (like lifting his arms “when they’re up they’re up” for Grand Ol’ Duke of York)
  • plays word games by repeating after you like counting from 1-5, but only saying 1 or 5 repeatedly: him: YUT, me: yee, sam, say, him: NG; sometimes he just says 5 or 1 before we even get there
  • he also understands what you say, like go get the ball, but even when you’re not talking to him (such as if I said to his sister, go wash your hands, he suddenly decides he wants to be done with his meal too, or I talk about shoes and he goes and grabs some)

A bittersweet stage: our little boy is growing up!

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