Wrapping up 2017

If you had asked me at the beginning of this year, or even at the beginning of last month where I’d be by the end of the year, I would have said, “same old”; yet, 2017, turned out to be quite the year of the new and unexpected:

Being a stay-at-home mom was God’s gift: I see it as being paid to leave at the end of my first maternity leave. This upcoming job? Also God’s gift – here’s why:

  • I had not been actively applying for jobs [1]I had actually resigned to giving up my career (I’ve labelled it “career … Continue reading. Once or twice a year, I get asked and consider going back to work but I’ve always declined due to the number of hours (I didn’t want a 40 hour work week; I want to be home when the kids are off school) but the past few months have been a perfect set-up for this…
  • I had not been actively applying for jobs. Yet, in the spring, a friend asked me if I was interested in doing consulting work for them; it was ideal: part-time hours, mostly at night after kids’ bedtimes, and my in-laws gave us childcare support during the few on-site visits! Turns out, recent work became relevant work.
  • When our oldest started school, our youngest lost his playing companion and he suddenly demanded more of my attention (ie. companionship); he also wanted to go out, just like his sister did. So, I turned to the Parent-Child Resource Center at our local Salvation Army, and enrolled in programs three days a week, so that he would have something to do in the mornings. They were (are) amazing: my in-laws’ church nursery couldn’t calm him down but they did within a short time on the first day, though it took him 3 weeks to stop crying at drop-off and pick-up. Now, even though he initially protests, I know he can be happy in someone else’s care.
  • Timing: I have been picking up a friend’s daughter from Montessori and dropping her off at the sitter once a week, but it just happens that the mom’s schedule is changing in January, so I don’t have to do that anymore.
  • I had not been actively applying for jobs. Somehow, between Maui to Orlando (within a month), I was offered a job.
  • I had not been actively applying for jobs. I hadn’t interviewed for at least 7 years, so I’m not exactly well-practised. I went through a few rounds of interviews, and by the second round, I actually expected to walk away for good, as my interview ended early; I felt that I could have given better answers (instead of what I felt were vague) and I did not complete a 20-minute design challenge in time or thoroughly (what happened to navigation?!). I also didn’t have a portfolio ready until interviews started!
  • I had not been actively applying for jobs. Yet, this company had an opening for a permanent position (advertised) – doing what I enjoy – at reduced hours (unadvertised), which lets me get off in time to pick up the kids from school – how awesome is that?!
  • Interesting tidbit: my first job was at a GIS company with under 50 employees; this job is at a GIS company with about the same number.

We just need to find childcare now, but if God has provided all of this, I’m certain we will be in good hands!

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  1. Lawrence

    December 20, 2017 at 12:27 AM

    If you’d ask me I’d say my visit in May was a highlight toooo

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