The age of modern ordering

I’m at the age where I’m comfortable with shopping and ordering online. And while I prefer to text and instant message people over chatting on the phone, I felt uneasy texting an unknown Toronto number to order a box of brownies for local delivery; so, my age is beginning to show, perhaps?

The other day, I came across an ad on Facebook: the premise is that you text a number to order some treats (brownies in this case), and they deliver to your door. The conversation started on Facebook Messenger and then transitioned over to SMS, where I was able to order a box of dairy-and-nut-free, reduced-sugar brownies. Sure enough, that evening, a box of brownies showed up at the door, with a real person – the baker – behind it.

My first SMS order was a success! And while I feel like this way might be more personal and a cheaper than ordering through an e-commerce site, traditional credibility (ethos) goes out the window, which impacts the professional image. It didn’t help that they wanted me to give an online review on a Facebook group in exchange for free delivery, and when they told me they took square (for credit card payments), I expected to pay with a credit card, but on delivery, he told me he didn’t bring it because everyone paid with cash (square charges a fee). I also took measures to use a throwaway SMS number as I didn’t want a business to have my personal mobile number for other marketing purposes.

A box of freshly baked brownies – still warm when I got them!

But I probably would order from Bake-Hurry again – especially if they had a promo since dairy-free and nut-free baked treats are hard to come by! When local hipster cafes and bakeries start charging an upwards of $4 for a square brownie, a box of 24 decently sized pieces of freshly baked custom brownies for $30 (or $20 for first time customers) becomes a great price and I like being able to support our local small businesses. The way they are boxed makes them look homemade, but they do come from a rented commercial kitchen (Courtyard Kitchens), in the same building as Four All Ice Cream in Kitchener. I should have frozen some had I done some pricing research since they should last up to a month in the freezer or a week in the fridge. They do have a nice chocolately crunch on the outside with a soft chew on the inside, just as advertised, and just the way I like my freshly baked cookies. I’m glad I asked for reduced sugar because I found it sufficiently sweet – the regular version would probably have been too sweet for me. A friend commented on the texture, that it reminded her of mooncake, but perhaps that is because it is the dairy-free version?

Same day (from order to) delivery is another win in my books, as it’s perfect for those cravings (for dessert, a sweet bite, or those midnight munchies – like right now) and last minute meal prep and I don’t have to go out to get them, especially if I don’t want to lug my kids around with me.

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  1. Emily

    January 29, 2018 at 7:29 PM

    And in brownie chocolate craving experiments, found a quick recipe that’s worth repeating tonight – I halved the sugar, but topped it with icing sugar:

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