Back on the wagon

I recently re-joined the dairy (and nut) wagon, officially marking the end of a temporary journey in being certain nuts and dairy free. When j.w asked me which food I would try first when I got here, I decided on a grilled cheese sandwich.

Turns out, it was a jalapeno munchie from the Fish Hut. And the next day, I tried adding a tad of cream in my coffee as I enjoyed it before, but the cream ruined it! The coffee the tasted so…well, creamy.

Throughout the week, I’ve been having other things that have dairy in it, such as a piece of Tim Horton’s donuts, shared by co-workers (not worth it), Marble Slab ice cream (sadly, it melted far too quickly), and a Matter of Taste cappuccino. The velvety smooth foam of the cappuccino – that is definitely something I’ve missed; soy or almond milk cappuccinos just aren’t the same. Yet, by the time I got to the bottom of it when it had cooled down, it was again, too creamy. Sigh.

And, yes, pizza with real cheese is so much better than vegan “cheese” – I especially enjoy the stringiness of the melted cheese! I also had my first slice of toasted cheese bread that I had stored in the deep-freezer a few months ago. This also means, I can probably defrost the banana bread (containing milk products) that a church friend brought over from Stone Crock and make a batch of Monk Chocolate hot chocolate too!

The best of it was matcha ice cream in the hojicha milk float from Tsujiri. I switched with j.w because the matcha latte I got tasted too creamy.

So, this is likely where I start to put on even more weight. And watch out, I’m probably lactose intolerant again. But I’m excited for the possibilities, like broasted chicken and Anna Mae’s pies: rhubarb custard anyone?

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