Trains + Colours

When you ask Little Brother how old he is, he holds up two fingers, and confidently says, “Three!” While I find myself correcting him almost every time, mathematically, I suppose he isn’t incorrect.

At the age he is at now, he’s starting to identify colours (or colors, for my American friends). He knows “black” and “wipe” (white), and maybe he knows the others too, but when you ask him what shirt he’s wearing, or what colour Daddy is wearing today, he might respond with “Thomas!”, “Percy!”, or “James!”. Some days, he might mention Emily or Stephen / Rocket too. It just so happens, those are the colours of  Thomas the train and friends; so, I suppose he isn’t incorrect.

I’ve come to realize that although Bean doesn’t often show affection towards people, she deeply cares and loves her little brother. This side of her shows when we are trying to threaten him or put him in time out, she pleas that we don’t carry through (“I don’t want him to go to the hospital” or “don’t leave him!”) or wants to follow him into time out and be with him. So, in case you missed it – because I almost did: her favourite colour is no longer green, but currently, “Thomas”; I think his is James – because she has designated the red train in our set for him. He likes trains, so now, she does too.


  1. Stephanie

    August 27, 2018 at 9:50 AM

    I am very familiar with all the trains in the world of Thomas the Tank Engine, thanks to David’s influence. :) I even threw him a Thomas themed birthday party when I was 10! Levi’s understanding of colours according to trains is cute haha.

    1. Emily

      August 28, 2018 at 9:08 PM

      Wow, what a great big sister! Do you have any photos of it? I should pick your brain for some ideas then for a themed party… :)

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