3, with no terrible 2s!

Another year has flown by and has it been one of growing:

We’ve had the joy to watch Little Brother be a part of the family, and influencing his sister to creatively explore boundaries (Bean’s thinking: what? the mattress can be a bouncy castle? and the couch seats can come apart and be a landing mat? Let’s do it!).

Language literacy: from broken English at the start of the year to full-on conversations with his sister in English (almost) all the time, which is way too much – but as Bean observed, the parents speak to each other in English all the time as well. He surprised me when he verbally counted to 10 in both French and Spanish as well; I’m also surprised that he manages to get through an hour of weekly Cantonese classes!

I credit his recognition of numbers from 1-8 to the numbers of the trains, and his colour-recognition also to Thomas. We’ve

also seen his keen interest in music and singing (but not others singing while he’s singing), and in storytime and books. I especially cherish the times, when he says sorry and means it (he also smart about saying sorry to get out of trouble) and at meal times, particularly when he is enjoying his food, he asks who made it and thanks the person who did!

Motor skills: from falling down stairs to mastering riding a tricycle; from solving puzzles patiently to picking up art activities like colouring (scribbling) and playdough; from playing with his trains – Thomas, to zooming around with Lighting McQueen and his Hot Wheels cars and car wash garage station, and firetrucks; from taking off his clothes by himself to putting on his shirt, jacket (and zipping), socks, and boots by himself.

Pretend play and following his sister: it’s really confusing when they’re addressing each other around us as he’s the baby and she’s the mommy/mama. But, it’s so endearing when they get along and act in their assigned roles – him being so forgiving without seeming to mind that she’s bossing him around for the most part. Though he’s a preschooler, he’s truly still the baby when it comes to falling asleep and sleeping independently.

This upcoming year will our last with him before he enters school; I think he’ll be ready when September rolls along!

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    December 13, 2018 at 6:29 PM

    Awwwwwww ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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