Three things I’ve learned today:
  • Black is in. If you are invited to a (non-Asian, millennial) evening wedding and reception, it is perfectly okay (and hip) to wear a black dress. Even the bridesmaid was wearing a black dress; black is the new red.
  • European-style roasted pig is different than the Chinese BBQ suckling pig way – the European way is more like roasted stuffed pig that you can carve which taste like chorizo; the skin is still nice and crispy though!
  • KW is really that small. We don’t really know the bride that much so it was a real surprise to discover that we go to the same church as her parents. Our new aunt and uncle-in-laws are in our church family! Why this is crazy?
  • My cousin’s family are not regular church-goers and they don’t live here.
  • We have only been going to this church for approximately a year, in a different neighbourhood than where the bride’s family lives.
  • Of all the churches here (there is at least one in every neighbourhood, if not more), we ended up at the same church as their family – and only found out at the wedding. (this point is especially meaningful because feeling like I belong is important to me, and God knew all this time – a good topic for a future reflective post)
  • On top of that, j.w has been playing pickleball with the bride’s father for the past few months without realizing the connection.
  • I had known that the bride’s family was “Mennonite from Ayr”; I did not connect “Mennonite Bretheren”with “Mennonite”. Upon finding this out, my aunt asked me if we were Mennonite, and I said no, we’re not Mennonite – it was really hard to explain, but I guess she might have understood it better if I made the comparison of going to a Catholic church without actually being Catholic, or a Chinese church without being Chinese.
I had expected going to the wedding knowing only my cousins and the family, but it turned out, we knew a table of other guests and had a connection to both sides of the family; what a delight and such a joy to celebrate with and to get to know both sides a bit better! Only God could’ve made this possible, and He’s not done… :)

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