Baltic Cruise: Helsinki

Cruise ships make a scenic approach into Helsinki harbour so have your cameras at the ready.

I had down in my notes to pay attention to our approach into Helsinki, Finland but I either forgot about it or we weren’t outside or near windows around that time. For this port, we chose to buy the unnarrated 4-stop hop on / hop off bus ticket to get to a few spots in town. Helsinki seems to have some interesting art and design that is showcased around the city, outside of the museums.

One surprising previously unplanned highlight in Helsinki was Sibelius Park to see the Sibelius Monument. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I had learned about this composer through Mozart in the Jungle just months prior. As I stood under the steel structure, I was hoping to hear a visitor’s spontaneous song through the pipes or the singing music of the wind, but that didn’t happen.

We took an hour or so to explore the design and architecture museums, which didn’t leave us very much time left to explore the rest of the city and the open-air market area (though it felt akin to the ones in St. Thomas / St. Martens, and j.w didn’t want to spend much time at this one). Through our trip to the museum, I learned that the Snake game that we all got sucked into on our Nokia phones, was a sort of an accidental creation (they had intended to hire a specific game designer, but it ended up being his cousin), that Angry Birds came out of Finland, and Zynga Games (maker of Farmville, Draw Something, and Words with Friends) acquired a mobile game development office in Helsinki.

Next stop: St. Petersburg, Russia

E: wow, is it November already? By the time we get through all these ports, it’d be 2020!

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